Mar 012011

Hello friends!

After a small break that we took to contemplate on the future of our bookmark manager, we are glad to finally present the new release.

This release features a possibility to import bookmarks from Read It Later.

Read it Later 150x150 New Release: Import from Read It Later and Bug Fixes

What is Read It Later?

What? You haven’t heard about Read It Later yet? Hmm… that’s weird! Read It Later is a great free online service that allows you to quickly save links to pages you’d like to get back in the future when you have time. The service supports all popular browsers and can be used on regular PCs and mobile devices.

Importing bookmarks from Read It Later

To import bookmarks saved in Read It Later to your Link Commander bookmark collection, start the import wizard from the Files menu and choose Read It Later as a source. You will then have to specify your Read It Later account details (username and password). Two additional settings allow you to import unread bookmarks only and mark all bookmarks as read after importing them.

import from read it later New Release: Import from Read It Later and Bug Fixes

Other fixes and improvements
  • All editions: Fixed a critical bug that occurred while a bookmark was dragged from the search results window to the bookmark collection.
  • All editions: When a bookmark is opened from the search results list, the program now opens it in the preferred browser specified in the bookmark’s properties. In previous versions, such bookmarks were opened in default browsers.
  • All editions: Fixed the incorrect operation of the “Roll up” button in a window title bar.
  • All editions: Fixed a bug with displaying the “Roll up” and “Stay on top” buttons in a window title bar in Windows Vista and Windows 7 with the Aero interface enabled.
  • All editions: Link Commander now memorizes the state of the “More options” setting in bookmark properties.
  • All editions: Fixed a bug with monitoring pages opened in Firefox.
  • All editions: Fixed a bug with displaying UI buttons after pressing the Alt key in Windows 7.
  • Standard and Pro editions: Fixed a bug with monitoring running applications in the Supervisor tool in 64-bit Windows editions.
  • Standard and Pro editions: Improved the quality of running application snapshots in the Supervisor tool.
  • Standard and Pro editions: Fixed a bug with loading web page snapshots.
  • All editions: Improved the algorithm of page accessibility validation.
  • Pro edition: Improved the form autocompletion functionality.
How to install the new release?

Piece of cake! Just download the package from our download page and install it on top of your current version. You won’t need to re-register it.

If you find any bugs or inconsistencies in the new release, please let us know right away, so that we can fix them as soon as possible! icon smile New Release: Import from Read It Later and Bug Fixes

Below are the version numbers of the current release.

  • Link Commander Lite: version
  • Link Commander Standard : version
  • Link Commander Pro: version
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