Sep 052011

Hello friends! We’re back from the summer vacation and therefore it’s time for a new release of our bookmarks manager. In the new minor release we added a few new features and ensured better support of the latest versions of browsers.

A couple of new settings

If you look into the Link Commander’s settings you will see two modifications right away. First, you will find a new hotkey, which allows opening web-links from the clipboard. Now, if you want to open a URL from the clipboard, you no longer need to open a new tab in your browser, then paste the URL from the clipboard into the address line of the browser and finally, press Enter in order to open the URL. All you need to do now is just press the magic hotkey and, voila!, the necessary URL from your clipboard opens in your browser!

open url from clipboard hotkey Release: New Filter and More

Secondly, the program can now automatically minimize the main window when a bookmark is opened in an external browser. Hint: To keep the program’s window on your display, simply press and hold Ctrl button when opening the bookmark.

minimize after opening Release: New Filter and More

Filtering by URL verification

Another useful new feature in this release allows filtering your bookmarks collection by the results of verification of the links. You can use this filter to quickly identify all bookmarks containing broken links. The filter will also find all bookmarks containing unverified URLs.

filter by verification Release: New Filter and More

The list of changes included in this release
  • All editions: Added a new hotkey to open URLs from the clipboard.
  • All editions: Added feature of automatic minimization of the program’s main window when opening a link.
  • All editions: Added URL’s verification filter.
  • All editions: Fixed the error, which occurred when bookmarks were exported into Firefox 5 and 6.
  • All editions: Improved support of Mozilla Firefox Portable.
  • All editions: Improved support of the latest versions of Google Chrome.
  • All editions: Improved support of the latest version of Safari for Windows.
  • All editions: Improved support of IE9.
  • All editions: Minor fixes and improvements.
How to install the new release?

Easily! Just download the package from our download page and install it on top of your current version. You won’t need to re-register it.

If you find any bugs or inconsistencies in the new release, please let us know right away, so that we can fix them as soon as possible! icon smile Release: New Filter and More

Below are the version numbers of the current release.

  • Link Commander Lite: version
  • Link Commander Standard : version
  • Link Commander Pro: version
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