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As an ordinary computer user or a data entry worker, filling fields and forms when you register your website in online catalogs, or submit an article to content directories can be somewhat stressful. This job is too monotonous and requires a high degree of accuracy, which may result in fatigue, repetitive strain and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is why having special auto form filler software that can automate the routine and help ease the pain can be a godsend for the many of us. The auto form filler feature in Link Commander Pro may be such a panacea you’ve been looking for desperately for so long.

Designed by Resort Lab to be used in the home or office, Link Commander Pro will let you bookmark your favorite webpages in an easy way. The product comes in three editions: Lite, Standard and Pro. Unlike Lite and Standard, Pro offers some extra features to the users, and one of them is the auto form filler that will let you enter personal data, such as name, address, telephone, etc. to required fields and forms automatically. Install Link Commander Pro and you’re on the way to easy data entry without the need to key one and the same thing over and over again.

The auto form filler in Link Commander Pro can be used to fill in forms on webpages, as well as desktop applications that require manual data entry from the keyboard!

For starters, you need to go to the auto form filler options (Main Menu | Tools | Form Filler Options) and set up values for different fields, such as user name, password, email address, website, city, ZIP / postal code, etc. If you want to add other fields or edit those provided by default, you can do it fairly easily with just a click on the appropriate toolbar icon. In addition to fields, you can set up various auto-complete sequences for forms. And that’s pretty much you need to do. Now when you wish to enter data to more than one website, simply open the bookmarked pages from Link Commander Pro and press Win+A, the default hotkey. The auto form filler will pop up its menu dialog to enter data quickly. It doesn’t get much easier.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be anything from a nuisance to a very painful condition. If you find yourself rubbing your hands, experiencing numbness after prolonged keying, be sure to check with your doctor. But sometimes all it takes is clever auto form filler software to help ease the pain and strain. With the auto form filler feature in Link Commander Pro, you can automatically enter data to fields and forms almost hands down. Why not give it a try?

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